Owen Brown - GreenVisions/OpenLens Copyright 2015


Green Visions/Open Lens (GV/OL) is your path to a new way to experience the world by enhancing your creative senses through eco-photography. First and foremost, we are Green Visions: a life-nurturing environment that celebrates all creation. Lovingly sculpted out of beautiful, untamed woodland in Stone Ridge, NY (located about 90 miles from NYC), the GV/OL campus is a veritable microcosm of all the eco-systems found in the Northeastern United States. With brooks, woods, wetlands, gardens, flower beds and rock formations, all accessible via gentle walking paths and natural wood bridges, designed to frame each environment for optimum visual impact, the GV/OL campus will ignite your creative fires.

Your awakened creative passion is then focused for maximum effect through Open Lens a comprehensive eco-photography field-trip series created and taught by award-winning fashion, commercial and environmental photographer, Owen Brown. Owen will lead you, step-by-step, on a journey of discovery that unlocks your potential as both a nature photographer, and a keen observer and protector of our world’s natural environments with a consciousness of climate change. 

The Green Visions Open Lens campus is available as a location for photo and film shoots. In addition, all images appearing on this site can be obtained as stock photography.